The Best PayPal Casinos online in Spain

In today’s piece of random news, we want to talk about the best PayPal casinos in Spain. Just like here in the Netherlands, there are a lot of gamblers in Spain who choose their preferred gambling site by learning what payment methods will be allowed. Keep reading to learn more about this popular e-wallet and how you can find the best PayPal casinos.

What is PayPal?

Odds are you’ve heard of PayPal, even if you’ve never used it before. This is an e-wallet. Basically, you can use your banking information to add and withdraw money. If you want, you can even keep cash floating around on PayPal, just like in your checking account or actual wallet. When you have somewhere you want to make a purchase in mind, you can log in to PayPal and use the e-wallet to handle your transactions.

Why do people enjoy PayPal casinos online?

The service itself is favored for quite a few reasons. The primary reason is that it’s convenient and easy to use. If you have money in PayPal, it’s easy to use it to make deposits or accept payouts without inputting your bank info again and again. You can also easily repurpose winnings at most retailers in the world when you shop online.

Some gamblers also enjoy PayPal casinos for the added security. PayPal is a highly secure e-wallet. When you make a payment through the service, your personal information is never exposed to the third party – in this case, the gambling website. Instead they’ll receive the money from PayPal, with only your name attached. It’s a great way to make sure you’ve added another layer of protection against would-be fraudsters.

How to choose the best PayPal casinos

Everyone wants to know which PayPal casinos online are the best for players in Spain. In truth, there isn’t a single answer that’s going to please everyone. Different gamblers have different budgets, games they prefer to play, and rewards they like to take advantage of. Instead of giving you a quick list of online casinos you might not enjoy, we want to give you some quick tips to figuring out which PayPal casinos will suit you best.

First, always go with a licensed provider. This may seem obvious to more experienced gamblers, but we know novices often forget to check for licensure. Most websites will display their gambling license at the bottom of their website. If not, a quick Google search should bring up the agency that licenses them and their registration number. If you can’t find that, it’s not a reputable place to gamble.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, the next thing to focus on is promotions. Any player with a bit of experience under their belt can attest to the fact that accepting welcome bonuses are a great way to improve your online gaming experience. Look high and low (and read the terms) before settling on a bonus.

And last, but certainly not least, always look for PayPal casinos online that have the kinds of games and software providers you like. Even though you might see an attractive bonus and your preferred payment method, that doesn’t mean you’ll enjoy that platform. Check out their gaming selection and make sure you see slots, table, or card games that you feel excited to play.

This might seem obvious, but…

Always make sure that PayPal is actually accepted at the platforms you check out. Too often players get caught up in the bells and whistles of a gambling website and forget that they were initially looking for PayPal Casinos online.

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Most played video slots in the Netherlands

Nowadays you cannot scroll through a casino games list without seeing a lot of new slots. Just like casinos, it seems like every day more slot providers pop up. A lot of them bring great games, but of course they cannot all be the best. When talking about providers, the list is pretty clear. NetEnt is the absolute number one. Not only because it is a real pioneer, but also because it constantly delivers quality. After that comes ELK Studios. This is a newer provider and not as big yet, but it’s clear that it will be in the future. Number 3, Yggdrasil, is already getting there. But we weren’t talking about providers, we were talking about slots. Read on to learn about the most popular machines in the Netherlands.


This game is number one in all lists about slots. At least, the positive ones. It’s without a doubt the most played slot machine ever worldwide and even separately in most countries. This is easy to explain. Not only were the graphics way ahead of their time, the game was innovative in many other ways. Such as the theme, but that is the least of it. The most important innovations were that NetEnt was the first provider ever to have paylines that counted both ways. So from left to right and from right to left. This caused a real revolution in online slots. But there was more. The prizes and the RTP percentage were also much higher than usual and way ahead of time. Which is why the slot is so popular to this date.

Mega Moolah

Microgaming, the provider that developed the game Mega Moolah, is one of NetEnt’s biggest competitors. However, for a long time they were lagging behind when it came to the quality of their games. The company gained popularity by creating fruit machines for online casinos and, as everybody knows, quality is not the most important thing when it comes to fruit machines. That’s why their video slots were never as popular as NetEnt’s slots. They just weren’t quite there yet. That is, until they released Mega Moolah. This is a progressive jackpot that is known to pay out the largest jackpots in the history of online casino games. No wonder all the Dutchies want a piece of that action.

Gonzo’s Quest

This is another one of NetEnt’s classic games. And its release also turned the industry upside down. First of all, because of the introduction movie with cinematic qualities. That had never been done before and amazed players. A couple of years later, this is the most normal thing. But back when it was released it was really spectacular. Something else that makes Gonzo’s Quest stand out is the fact that it was the first game without the typical rolls and rows. This game works with blocks instead. With these blocks, every time that a win occurs, the blocks that caused the win explode. This creates space for new blocks, and thus generates a free re-spin of these blocks. So a win can lead to unlimited extra wins. After all, the process repeats itself until there are no more wins. This also rocked the casino industry and since many other providers have created games that use blocks or other substitutions for rolls. The most popular ones nowadays are clusters, where you need to get a number of similar adjacent symbols, ways to win, where you win when equal symbols appear in adjacent rolls and games that work like a type of Candy Crush. Still, something tells us there is more to come.

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Popular casino games for Dutch players

If you look at popular casino games among the Dutch players, it’s hard to name just one or two games. The Dutch are versatile and like variety. You can often find them in the live casino or at the slots section of the online casino. So basically all live casino games and slots are popular. Since this might not be much of an answer, it might be an idea to explain why the Dutch love all these particular games so much.


This might easily be the most popular casino game worldwide. Not only because the game often offers huge prizes, but also because it’s an innocent distraction from the daily life. Nowadays people are getting more and more stressed about their commitments, stressful jobs, phones that never stop ringing and then there’s also the family life to take care of. Juggling all of that isn’t easy and that is why most people look for stress relieve. Playing slots is a great option. It just lets you clear your mind for a while and enjoy some easy entertainment.

Jackpot slots

And this refers mostly to the progressive jackpots. As opposed to normal jackpots, that just have a fixed max win, these progressive slots have a prize pool that is made up of the wagers of all players. So all the players who play the game, no matter in which casino or even in which country, save money to generate a huge jackpot. Once it hits, its often a prize of a couple to over €10 million. No wonder that these games are also getting more popular among Dutch players. After all, who wouldn’t want to win a prize like that?

Video poker

Unfortunately, most online casinos don’t offer the possibility to play live poker tournaments yet. And since Dutch people like poker, they need to look for an alternative. Poker is actually like soccer. A lot of people want to go pro, but only a few of them make it. Games like video poker can help with that. Even though they fall in the slot machine category. That’s because during this game, you’ll get to look for the best poker hands from the five cards that are dealt to you. The better you become at this game, the better you become at spotting a good poker hand and that can come in very handy at a tournament. So you better get your practice game on.

Live casino

Even though a lot of Dutch people enjoy the fact that they can play from the comfort of their own home, after a while they start missing the personal interaction. A live casino is a good alternative in that case. Because you as a player can enjoy your privacy and still communicate via chat, while you get your answers live from the dealer who talks to you and is visible to you. Besides that, you can also chat with other players and maybe even make friends while you’re at it. Popular live casino games include roulette and blackjack, which is not strange because these are two of the oldest casino games that are still immensely popular. But newer games like Monopoly Live and Who wants to be a millionaire live are also gaining a lot of popularity. This is also understandable since a game like Monopoly brings a lot of nostalgia and Who wants to be a millionaire is a game in which the entire show is re-enacted. You as a player can finally feel what it’s like to be part of a game show. And who wouldn’t want that?

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Best online casinos in the Netherlands

There are a lot of casinos out there for Dutch players. So much even, that it’s hard to choose one that’s right for you. But there is a good strategy for finding an online casino. First, you could make a list of all the casinos with a Maltese license. This is the best license to have and shows that the casino is trustworthy. Then you can see if the casino offers the games you like, if it offers enough bonuses and whether or not you like the theme. Once you’ve done this, the decision becomes a lot easier. And to help you, we put a couple of reliable casinos in a list.

Bob Casino

Who wouldn’t like the always friendly Bob from Jamaica that opened his casino just to show players a good time? He is not only very generous with bonuses and a great loyalty program, but also keeps an events calendar on which you can see exactly what you are entitled to. On the games side, you won’t be disappointed either, as there are many great games to try. If there are any issues, you can reach customer support 24/7 so that’s a great plus as well.

Betchan Casino

Betchan Casino is a casino without a clear theme. It does however, promise to offer you the best online casino experience that you can find online. If you take a good look at the casino, you will say that at the very least they are not very far off. The game offer is great and you get lots of bonuses and rewards as a regular player. But it starts right at the welcome. The customer support is as great at that from Bob Casino, as the team is always ready to help. In other words, this is another great option.

Spinia Casino

This is a casino that is very attractive because of its layout. You won’t quickly find a casino that offers you such a quick way to find everything you need. You can select the slot machine on many different types such as video slots and classic slots, but also on the ones that offer you a bonus to buy. On top of that, the casino is also very generous with its bonuses. There is actually nothing that you could find to criticize this online casino. You’ll even find a few very attractive women while spending time at Spinia Casino. And isn’t a great game offer with many bonuses and great women the real reason you go to a casino anyway? We believe it is.

Cookie Casino

You can take a bite out of this cookie jar, because it’ll serve you with the best bonuses. If one isn’t your type of cookie, you can quickly opt for the other. But as they’re all bonuses, you might as well take them all. The cookie jar that holds the games isn’t too bad either. You’ll find all your favourite slots by known providers as well as some new games that you can explore. If there’s anything wrong, customer support is ready to help you, at any time of the day.

Pronto Casino

This casino offers less games, a customer support team that works limited hours and only one payment option. Not to mention that you’ll get fewer bonuses here. Why would you then play at this online casino? The answer is simple; because it’s very easy and quick. You don’t need to create an account at Pronto Casino, you can simple deposit and start playing immediately. If you appreciate that, this might be the casino for you. Because even though the game offer is limited, it still consists of the best games. So be sure to check out the best online casinos nederland now!

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Mega Fortune Jackpot Magic And Luxury

When it comes to finding the best Jackpot progressive video slot, Mega Fortune would be the first choice of a lot of frequent players. Not only do players experience this game in a fun and enjoyable way, but they also love the extra features that come along too. Extra features can be really nice, especially when you’re a advanced player. The Jackpot which can be found in this slot machine game, can count up to even millions of dollars. It’s no surprise that Mega Fortune’s concept is completely dedicated to the “rich and famous” which can be discovered by the use of icons such as jewellery and limousines. Furthermore, This slot machine is clearly designed to give players a taste of a potential luxurious life, which they can experience after winning the big jackpot of Mega Fortune.

Mega Fortune could be a very interesting game for advanced players within the online casino industry. Mega Fortune is played across 5 reels and 25 paylines, which can be found really basic for a slot machine. The best part of the game is yet to come in a lot of different and exclusive ways. Not only does it contain a lot of different features and extras, it also gives you a chance to join one of the three jackpot games; Mega Jackpot, Major Jackpot and Rapid Jackpot. One of their best features would be the Yacht, which represents the Wild Symbol!

The Scatter will be activated by the Champagne symbol and if you have three of a kind on this row, it will you give you a big amount of free spins. Free Spins are a great way to play longer and increase your chance of winning big money. Even though there are plenty ways to earn cash, a lot of players are only interested in one feature: the enormous jackpot. This jackpot is known as the “Pooled Jackpot”, which means that the jackpot will be shared by all of the online casinos who are participating, like Happy Luke and Happistar, read more about these trustworthy casinos at and This is also the answer to the question: how it is possible to offer a jackpot this high? The jackpot increases by all the players of different online casinos at the same time. Knowing this, it’s quite simple to understand that The online casino slots like Mega Fortune Jackpot will grow even more!

The symbols are representing all of the luxury you could only dream of: jewelry, cars, whiskey and even a Rolex can be found on the playing rolls. The concept of the game makes it very tempting to play, because the game is showing you what perhaps might happen if you really win this big jackpot. NetEnt’s Mega Fortune is one of the biggest success when it comes to their slot machine developments. There are plenty of pages online which are tracking down the jackpot winnings on a daily basis. This is happening quite a lot, players often won this amount of big money and really inspired new players to join in and give it a try as well. The combination of entertainment together with the big jackpot is exactly why Mega Fortune is such a great success.

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