Popular casino games for Dutch players

If you look at popular casino games among the Dutch players, it’s hard to name just one or two games. The Dutch are versatile and like variety. You can often find them in the live casino or at the slots section of the online casino. So basically all live casino games and slots are popular. Since this might not be much of an answer, it might be an idea to explain why the Dutch love all these particular games so much.


This might easily be the most popular casino game worldwide. Not only because the game often offers huge prizes, but also because it’s an innocent distraction from the daily life. Nowadays people are getting more and more stressed about their commitments, stressful jobs, phones that never stop ringing and then there’s also the family life to take care of. Juggling all of that isn’t easy and that is why most people look for stress relieve. Playing slots is a great option. It just lets you clear your mind for a while and enjoy some easy entertainment.

Jackpot slots

And this refers mostly to the progressive jackpots. As opposed to normal jackpots, that just have a fixed max win, these progressive slots have a prize pool that is made up of the wagers of all players. So all the players who play the game, no matter in which casino or even in which country, save money to generate a huge jackpot. Once it hits, its often a prize of a couple to over €10 million. No wonder that these games are also getting more popular among Dutch players. After all, who wouldn’t want to win a prize like that?

Video poker

Unfortunately, most online casinos don’t offer the possibility to play live poker tournaments yet. And since Dutch people like poker, they need to look for an alternative. Poker is actually like soccer. A lot of people want to go pro, but only a few of them make it. Games like video poker can help with that. Even though they fall in the slot machine category. That’s because during this game, you’ll get to look for the best poker hands from the five cards that are dealt to you. The better you become at this game, the better you become at spotting a good poker hand and that can come in very handy at a tournament. So you better get your practice game on.

Live casino

Even though a lot of Dutch people enjoy the fact that they can play from the comfort of their own home, after a while they start missing the personal interaction. A live casino is a good alternative in that case. Because you as a player can enjoy your privacy and still communicate via chat, while you get your answers live from the dealer who talks to you and is visible to you. Besides that, you can also chat with other players and maybe even make friends while you’re at it. Popular live casino games include roulette and blackjack, which is not strange because these are two of the oldest casino games that are still immensely popular. But newer games like Monopoly Live and Who wants to be a millionaire live are also gaining a lot of popularity. This is also understandable since a game like Monopoly brings a lot of nostalgia and Who wants to be a millionaire is a game in which the entire show is re-enacted. You as a player can finally feel what it’s like to be part of a game show. And who wouldn’t want that?